Live Action Role-playing

Hi! A lot of stuff has happened this summer. One big thing is that I have started doing live-action role-play. It's kind of like dungeons and dragons, but live, without dice. You create a character, and that character evolves in the world created. We do it in a forest in lanaudiere, there is a little ''village'' and everything. There is about 30 to 50 of us so it's a lot of fun! Everybody is in costume and in character and we have adventures and stuff. Here are a few pictures of me in action, and you can see a few friends. I didn't include pictures of other people because I don't have their approval.

The girl I'm walking with and I play sisters in the game, and she made my costume with me. She made the tunic and pants, and I made the belt, apron, hat and belt pouch. 

Apart from that, I'm attending a wedding in the white dress I made recently, so there will be nice pictures of that soon. And of course, my trip to the Jane Austen festival is coming up very very soon and we will be taking lots of pictures on our Regency outfits. Stay tuned!!

Have a nice day!


  1. I'm curious , what is the name and where is the place you play ?

    1. It's called Le domaine du créateur and is set in St-Calixte :)


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