Merry belated Christmas, and a happy New Year!

Hi! Christmas has come and gone, and I still have a few parties to attend so it doesn't feel over yet!

This year I got busy back n late september to make sure I would finish my Christmas presents in time! I made a number of goodies, so here are a few:

A lovely quilt I made. I am quite bummed it wasn't for myself though ;) I'll be making another one shortly. Not bad for a first quilt, eh?

Me after unwrapping my present from my friend E who sent it from England!

And the tutu I made for this little girl :)

A teddy bear I knitted for my stepmother's son

This one has a bit of a history. Back in september friends at the festival had a jolly good time laughing at the fact I knitted placentas and uteruses (for educational purposes) still, one of them kept joking she would love to have one that had eyes and a bonnet... At first she was kidding, but she talked about it so much I decided to make her one haha!! This is how it came out. 

And me after unwrapping my presents from my friend M., also from England! 

I also made some moisturizer for a couple of people, which was a first and came out really good! 

So now, let's wait and see what next year has in store for us!!

So a very happy New Year to all of you! see you in 2016!


  1. To you too, Laurie! I hope you had a good start into 2016 and am looking forward to reading about your projects this year. :)

    And I have nominated your blog for an award here:

    1. Great thanks!! Happy New Year to you too, I will check your blog out right now :) And I've got lots of projects for this year, hopefully I will make them reality!


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