Star Wars and Moulin Rouge!!

Hi! So, for the New Year My friends and I had an awesome day. We started off by going to see the latest Star Wars film, and then had a Moulin Rough theme party. All the ladies got dressed as cancan dancers and the men dressed up as fancy Moulin Rouge goers or as artists. We decorated the house like in the film and had a blast!

Here are a few pictures of me enjoying the fun! I didn't include pictures of my friends as they preferred I not show pictures of them in their cancan/burlesque dancers costumes.

This is what I wore for Star Wars. I didn't have time to make a new Princess Leia costume, so I just put together some white clothes I had with the belt I already had, and quite liked the result. I call her ''Crunchy Princess Leia''! 

And Moulin Rouge! The skirt is my mary Poppins pettiskirt that I tucked up in the front, and added a red boa to make some sort of bustle ( I know, it was later than bustle era but hey, it looked good!) . The corset is also from the Mary Poppins costume, and the black vest belongs to my friend P. Add some feather earrings, lots of makeup, a fun hairdo, and a green cocktail! 

Later in the evening I changed into the ''Green Fairy'' And had fun being very very silly. The costume isn't mine, it's my friend G's Tinkerbell costume. 

Next time, we're probably doing a ''James Bond'' poker night...

Oh, and the lovely Nessa of Sewing Empire Nominated me for a Liebster blog award! I will take the time to answer her questions soon. Thanks Nessa, I'm glad you enjoy my blog!!

Have a nice day!