Busy as a bee, and a new Etsy shop!

Hi! Here is a very quick post to tell you about what is coming!

I've been working on v few costumes these past couple of weeks: a few Regency dresses for friends and one for myself, A 18th century caraco jacket (and skirt), and a Rey cosplay. I will be posting pictures very soon! I'm also really busy with all my other projects related to my job as a childbirth educator, so my costumes aren't progressing as fast as I would wish.

I also opened a new Etsy shop that sells Regency and historical accessories. Mostly reticules and linen caps, and I will maybe offer one design of made to order dresses. Here is the link: www.etsy.com/shop/JaneAndThePineapple

One of the reticules I sell in my new shop :)

I will upgrade the side button on this blog soon to put the items from that shop which fits more with the theme of my blog, and keep the birth stuff on my birth blog!

Have a nice day!