Finally! 18th Century Caraco Jacket DONE!

Hi! So I've been rambling about making an 18th century outfit for ages, and talking about my caraco jacket for a while. Well, here it is at last!!! It is made with an old duvet cover that I upcycled, and the skirt is made with a burnt orange fabric I bought. I made some bum pads to go underneath, and used other petticoats I already had for layers. It started as a whim of the moment ''let's try this and see how it turns out' sort of thing, but turns out I am really really pleased with it!! I will most certainly be wearing it at 18th century events at one point.

And now, photos!

The ribbon was all box pleated by hand. The Pattern is taken from Patterns of fashion 1 by Janet Arnold.  I had a hard time adjusting it, it being my first 18th century outfit (apart from the stays I made a while ago) The second try worked well, and apart from a little patched up bit in the lining (I ran out of fabric) there are no signs of the failed first attempt. It closes in the front with hools and eyes and has two steel bones down the front to keep shape. The sleeves are slightly too wide to my taste but it still works. 

The linen cap was inspired from an old french drawing. I am selling similar styles of linen caps on my new Etsy shop, JaneAndThe Pineapple. I am currently out of stock but have a couple on my sewing table, so you should see them within a week or so. I can also do custom orders if you have something specific in mind :)

We are planning on doing another photo session with this costume in summer, with a basket of vegetables for a portrait my sister will paint! 


  1. It looks great! Love the fabric (love that it came from an old duvet too - sometimes those are the best!). And don't worry about the patch in the lining - piecing was "a thing," super common, even on the fashion fabric. Well done! The whole outfit together looks marvelous. :-)


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