Fantasy Costume (OUAT Snow White Inspired)


I've finished a new costume, yay! For the other costumers out there, isn't it exciting the moment you put the final touch on a costume? And then when you finally put it all on and take the pictures. Such Fun!

Anyway, I've been working on off on this one for a while. I bought the fabric for the vest and pants almost two years ago when I wanted to make a Snow White cosplay (the version from Once Upon a Time) But then I didn't, and lost interest in the show. The costumes in the show are still awesome though and I wanted to do something with the fabric. So I altered the design a little and went with fabrics I already had.

So I basically kept a similar design with the coat, but changed the color pattern and made palazzo pants instead of the tight pants and weird skirt thingy Snow had in the show. I also had enough fabric for a cloak and wanted to make one anyway, so I made that too. Here are the pictures!

I'm quite happy with it in the end! It's a tad too big, but not by much. Now I'm off to continue working on my new ''Outlander'' costume! 


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