Things I'm working on right now...

Hi! So I've been rather busy these days, even if I'm not posting much! Preparing frantically for the Jans Austen festival, trying to keep up my two etsy shops open and making various costumes for myself too. Here are a few pics!

This is a lovely reversible cape I made for this little lady's 2nd birthday. I also made another one for my shop. Pictured below . Click HERE for the listing

This turban is also in my shop, click HERE for the listing. It's made of vintage sari fabric and has got some beading along the brim. 

As for my own costume projects, I made this purple silk cloak. I'm still waiting for the clasps I ordered to arrive in the mail so I can finish it. 

This in a Snow White (OUAT) inspired costume. I made it slightly different, binding the edges and lining it with purple silk instead of cream, and instead of the tight pants and the weird skirt thing she has I made some beige Palazzo pants. I'm almost done with it, I just need to take the time to pose the metal eyelets everywhere for the sleeve and belt lacing. 

And these are poor pictures of my new Regency dress. I will have good pictures taken when I'll be in Bath :)

That's about it for now! Costume post coming soon to show off my Snow White outfit, as soon as I can finish it all. 


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