My New Regency outfits: Fairy Costume and Peach dress

Hi! In my last blog post about my trip to England I said I would do a post on my two new outfits: The Fairy costume and Peach dress. Here they are!

So the idea for that costume is that we decided to have a Midsummer Night's Dream picnic at the festival. I already had the cream muslin dress, so I made the wings, flower crown and ribbon belt to complete the outfit. I also got some prosthetic pointy ears to complete the look! 

This dress was the only new one I made this year. The Idea was for me and my Friend M to have matching dresses. So we both made drawstring dresses out of the same fabric. I bought the Bergère hat at the Fayre at the festival and added the ribbons. and feathers. Shame my waist ribbon is drooping in the picture though! And note the American Duchess Hartfield Regency shoes (I dyed them myself too)!


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