Jade 2.0

Hi! How do you like my new blog look?
Sorry for my silence of the last few months, I've been busi doing other things. I have been sewing a lot though, mostly children's things. Will share about them soon :)

If you've been following for a little bit you may now I enjoy LARPing a few times a year. I started 2 years ago and introduced my costume, a medieval role-play costume with an asian twist. The original design was inspired by a chinese fantasy movie called ''The Four''.

2 years later, I wanted a new twist on the costume, also to show the progression of the character. I exchanged the kimono-style wrap for a peasant blouse and corset top, trying to keep the colorful patchwork style.

I also exchanged the harem pants for a flowing skirt and ditched the belt.

Here's what it looks like now! Only thing missing in the picture is my Ukulele, since my character is a bard!

Looking forward to my next game to try it out for real! 

Have a nice day!