Star Wars Expo!

Hi! I'm afraid I haven't paid much attention to this blog in the last year. I haven't made any costumes in the last months either, my time has been occupied with my job and my Etsy shop, VivaDoula (I make anatomical models for birth education and baby stuff).

I did manage to take a little vacation to Florida recently. To my delight I stumbled upon the Star Wars costume exhibition in St-Petersburg, FL. I had no idea it was there! I loved the looking at all these fabulous costumes, and especially all the ones worn by Natalie Portman as Padmé Amidala. They even had a whole room dedicated to her costumes!!

Here are a few pictures from my visit (I'm afraid I didn't take many pictures of the bad guys or of the pilots, my interest leans more towards the women's costumes and the jedi)

Ben Kenobi

Queen Amidala

Princess Leia

Queen Apailana

Amidala again :)

Me and Queen Amidala

Padmé (Senate gown)

Han and Chewie

BB-8, C-3P0 and R2-D2

Rey (I realized it's a bit darker and more ''earthy'' colored then mine)

Little Anakin. So cute! 

Leia as Boussh

Master Yoda! (the actual puppet)

That was the room just for Padmé

I love that one!! Its my favorite of all I think. 

Anna Maria Beach

Siesta Key beach

In a clown car at the Ringing museum

All in all it was a great trip, we had lovely weather and the beaches were stunning! Especially Siesta Key which we kept coming back to. I loved the John and Mabel Ringing Museum in Sarasota too

But this expo did make me want to continue making costumes, and I will try to find time to make a new one soon! How about a Victorian one?