First of all, I have a little announcement: I'm going back home! We've been in Bali (you can read all about our trip in our travel blog) for almost two months now, and, with a little help from Indonesia's really expensive visa renewal policy, we decided to go back to Canada. I don't even know why they do that. They ask you over 150$ per person just to stay in the country, but in the end, people like us just end up leaving. We call it the ''kick the tourist out of the country'' policy. Anyway, there's no place like home, right? And it's gonna feel good to see my sewing machine again, too!

I'm also starting to run out of yarn. I had filled half of my little backpack with yarn, and now it's all been knitted. And since I make a lot of baby hats, these never take the whole skein, so I was left with a lot of leftovers. Not enough for a big hat, and too much for just a pair of baby booties. The solution? Newborn beanies! They really don't take a lot of yarn and it gave me the opportunity to experiment with different eyelet patterns. Anyway, here are some photos!

This one is actually the same as the blue beanie from this post. I didn't like the first version, it was too short and too wide, so I entirely re-did it, with a new eyelet pattern! I like this one much better.

This one isn't a newborn beanie. I had barely enough yarn left for one mitten, so I made a teeny beanie. I probably fits on a 8-9 inch doll

Here it is next to the newborn size one.