Baby's Christmas dress

As you already know, my cousin has an adorable little baby daughter (also seen herehere, and here). Since she's the only baby in my entourage, I've taken it as my role to dress her up in fancy handmade hats and outfits, to the delight of her parents. When she was born in september, I immediately told her parents not to buy a Christmas outfit, because I wanted to make her one.

At first I wanted to go for a 1950's style baby dress, but finally got inspired by 1840's fashion (again). I didn't want to make a historical costume, so I just took the general look of girl's clothing of that era and played around with it a little bit, with fabrics I already had in my stash.

Here is what I came up with:

Look at that happy face!! 

The dress and hat are made of cotton eyelet, and are fully lined with red cotton flannel. 

I also knitted this little piece to go on top, to keep her warm. I don't know the proper name for it, but I call it a heart-warmer (which would be the exact translation of it's name in french). It's made with wool. 


  1. What a cute little dress! Even if the little wrap is not officially called a heart warmer in English I think it should be. It's a charming name.

  2. Thanks!! It is a charming name indeed :)


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