mercredi 18 juillet 2012

My 1912 evening gown, finally!!

Hello! I finally got to take some pictures of my 1912 gown today. It was so hot last week I didn't feel like wiggling into my corset and sweating in my costume in that heat. Bot this morning was perfect! Nice light, not too hot, not too cold, and my mom was there to take the pictures.

First of all, here is the picture I first chose as my inspiration for my costume. I got it from this site :

Through the process of making the costume I decided to leave out the sleeves and the embroidery in the skirt. 

First of all I had to make the corset. If you want to see more pictures of my corset go to my original post on it here. The white chemise I'm wearing underneath is not the one I'm using with the final costume. 

And now the pictures we've all been waiting for!!!

On this picture my neighbor was asking me what we were doing and wondering why I was in such a dress on a wednesday morning :P

And don't forget the Astorias, of course!!

My insane all hand beaded belt! For those who were wondering, the design was taken from the black fabric itself. It had a lot of lines and shapes on it so I decided to follow that design. I have never taken and embroidery or beading lessons, I just made up the technique as I went along. My trick to go faster was to put 3 or 4 beads to a stich, cause beading that one bead at a time would have taken three or four times as long. 

Close-up on the bodice

Hope you like my dress! It's a little Downton Abbey-ish, don't you think? I think Lady Mary would have worn it. Anyway, I'm really proud of myself, especially the corset and the belt!

Have a nice day!

mercredi 11 juillet 2012

Finally finished my belt!!

So at last, I have finally finished my beaded belt. That means my 1912 outfit is complete! Okay, I'm still missing the headpiece, but still... I've also been gardening a lot, knitting a bit and thinking of making an 18th century outfit for the ''fêtes de la nouvelle-france'' in Quebec city in early august ... we'll see if I end up doing it, or even finishing it... My garden is doing great, I'll make another post very soon about it. I've got some baby tomatoes growing and my cucumber plants are in flowers.

Anyway, here is my belt!!

Awesome isn't it? I watched the whole season 5 of 30 Rock while finishing it, so that gives you an idea of all the time that went into it... I decided to put little hooks and eyes to tie it in the back. Oh and I forgot to mention, but the black fabric I used came from a old pair of pants. So the belt is from upcycled fabric!

close-up on the hooks and eyes

And this last picture is a mandala I drew on my bedroom wall. The wall itself was painted with some special paint so we could draw with chalk on it. For the last two years or so it was sporting some huge flowers my mom made while I was in my old appartment ans I was tired of them... so I washed the whole wall and drew this with colored chalk. It took me a whole afternoon, and it's quite big, maybe about one meter wide (that's about three feet wide). It's supposed to be a birth mandala, I figured it would inspire me with my work as a doula and with all the articles I'm writing on my doula blog...

I'll take some pictures with my whole 1912 outfit soon, with the soes and everything, and I also finally bought some ribbon laces for my 1840 corset, so there's some serious picture-taking coming soon. I'll do that some thime this week. Stay tuned!