lundi 15 juillet 2013

Officially Introducing my ''Young Victoria'' 1840 Ball Gown!!!

I drew that dress on a piece of paper during the summer of 2011. In insisted to make the corset all by hand (which took around 80 hours) and took a long long time to finally make this costume because of various events in my life and other projects that came along on the way. Anyway, here it is at last, and I am very proud of myself!! It is made of blue satin, with purple silk piping and lining, lace on the sleeves, stays, a purple silk petticoat, a corded petticoat, a bustle (yep, thay had bustles in the 1840's), and hooks and bars for the back closure. Enjoy the pictures (you can click on them to enlarge them)!

oups... I haven't got any shoes to go with it yet, but I do like the barefoot look! You can also catch a glimpse of the silk petticoat and the corded petticoat underneath.

And for those whe were wondering, this is the corset I am wearing underneath you can see more pictures here:

 Have a nice day!

mardi 9 juillet 2013

Update on the 1840's Dress, Some Recent Knitting and Various Other Things

Hi! So I've been working some more on the ''Young Victoria'' dress. I should have finished it a while ago, but I decided to sew the dress to the bodice and to change the back closure, which took some time to do. Anyway, It's all done now (YAAAAAYYY!!) All I have to do is to take some decent pictures with me in it. I want to make a hooded cape eventually, made of the same purple silk as the piping, and some drawers to go underneath it all. Here are some pictures! I will try to take some good ones of me wearing the dress this week. 

The finished dress! In the end I decided to sew the skirt to the bodice instead of making two separate pieces. 

Back opening. I also re did the back closure, opting for hooks and bars instead of the ugly white hook strips. It looks much better now!

Here is the corded petticoat with the bustle to go underneath the dress. I also have a petticoat (the silk skirt I made for the 18th century pirate costume) I had intended it this way in the first place. All that is missing is some drawers, stockings and shoes. 

I also just finished this adorable littke knitted set for a little child. The pattern was supposed to be a 6-9 months, but because I didn't knit a gauge and didn't use exactly the right needles (I didn't really care what size it would turn out anyway, I had plenty of yarn and wansn't knitting it for anyone in particular) it turned out more like a 18-24 months size... I still have to add a little ribbon to the bonnet, in the same color as the buttons. 

Close-up on the lace pattern


My kitten is doing well too, she's growing up really fast. She is a very naughty kitten but makes up for it with cuteness.

My aunt had some old sewing supplies in her barn and she asked if I was interested to have a look at it. I had gone through a part of it before, and ended up with lots of vintage patterns, fabrics and trimmings.  This time I found lots of lace, ribbons, trimmings, thread bobbins, knitting yarn, fabrics, kid leather, and even a vintage sailor hat! 

My first harvest of the year! I had my first zucchinis this week, they were amazing! 

Have a nice day! My next post will be full of AMAZING pictures, I promise! I also still have to take some good pictures of my Mary Poppins dress, so stay tuned!