mercredi 13 avril 2016

Regency Fairy Sneak Peek

Hello again :) So as you might know I am going back to England in september for the Jane Austen festival (seems like I'm addicted now). My friends and I will organize a fairy themed Regency party so I needed a fairy variation on a Regency outfit. Here it is!

I took a cream drawstring dress I already had, and added a flower crown (made with fake flowers and ribbons) and some sort of ribbon belt. I made the wings with organza and a wire frame, and voilà! Must be one of the quickest and easiest costumes I made haha!


Hi! Here is my new Rey cosplay :) I finished it a couple of weeks ago but we've had really bad weather, so I was waiting for a sunny day to take some pics. Here they are!

I'm quite happy with it, I found wearing it that it needs a few adjustments, like the tunic part needs to be fixed in a few places to keep in place, and I need to make proper arm wraps (as in sewing the bandages on some sleeves or something, so that they stay in place). 

The bracelet and belt were made with faux-leather, and the pouch with a piece of suede I had. I know they're not exactly as the original, but I like them.