mercredi 3 août 2016

Outlander costume!

Hi! here is mu finished ''Outlander'' inspired costume. It is not exactly like the costumes on the show, but clearly inspired by it. I changed the color patterns a little, and based the bodice on a pattern in ''Patterns of fashion'' that was of the right style and era. The fabric was a complete surprise, as I stumbled upon a massive sale at Fabricland and found some dark blue tweed and a cream/brown plaid fabric for a very good price. I had already made the cowl and had the mitts for a while. I had some purple linen left and thought it would make a nice stomacher.

Anyway, here is the result!

I made pocket slits in the skirt and some hanging pockets to wear underneath. Claire wouldn't survive without those pockets!

And off with the wool! It actually was a really hot day when we took these pictures. A little while longer and I would have litteraly melted in a puddle! Wearing a tweed dress at 30˚C in july is maybe not the best plan. 

Funnily enough my bodice ended up looking a LOT like a bodice Claire wears in episode 11 of the 2nd season.  I'm planning to make another stomacher eventually, in a cream color this time, as to look more like the original version.  Now all I need is to find myself a Jamie!