mardi 26 août 2014

A Regency Day Dress and Spencer

Hi! So guess what? I'm going to the Jane Austen festival in Bath, England next month!!! Exciting isn't it? It was kind of a last minute decision, but I still had to get ready and bring at least a few costumes. I'll be bringing my white regency dress, but I still needed proper underthings, at least one other dress and something to keep me warm (apparently its super cold in the UK right now).

For the underthings, I made a pair of soft short stays and a long chemise with a pattern from ''Period costumes for stage and screen 1800-1909'' by Jean Hunnissett. Here's how it looks:

The dress is made of baby blue cotton gauze, it's light and comfy and I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

The shoes and clocked stockings are also by American Duchess, and these regency inspired slippers can be laced up with ribbons. Next time I will lace them up, because her shoes start at a size 6, and since I'm a size 5 1/2 thay are always a tiny bit too big. 

And last but not least my red wool Spencer. I had this 1980's women's coat my aunt gave me, complete with shoulder pads and huge plastic buttons. The cut was really horrible (I hate 1980's fashion, and it being 2 sizes too large for me didn't help). But it was made with this beautiful red wool and cashmere blend with black wool cuffs. I kapt it knowing I'd find a way to repurpose it. And when I realized I needed a coat to stay warm in English sptember weather, there it was! I made the spencer with the Sense and Sensibility pattern, re-udes the wool, lining and cuffs but used wooden buttons instead of the plastic ones. It was really quickly put together, I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I'm sure it will keep me warm in England!

I will also be bringing some shawls/scarves that I will be able to tie as turbans, which is period appropriate, and will have some feathers and ribbons to decorate the improvised turban. I also made a white reticule so I can carry my camera and money without having to bring a modern purse. 

That's it for the load of picture posts! I may decide to make a last minute ball gown, I haven't made up my mind yet and I want to keep my luggage to a mnimum. Apart from that, my next project in line is the Snow White battle outfit from Once Upon a Time! I've already got some of the fabrics, and the linen undershirt is almost done. 

Have a nice day!

dimanche 24 août 2014

Presenting Lily Mars!

Hi! So this is the second in my series of costume posts, the next one should be published tomorrow. I have been wanting to make this costume for many years, and, as always, you get other ideas, it gets pushed back, and by the time you gat back to it you don't like how you started. So I started all over again. This dress is inspired by the costume worn by Judy Garland in the finale number of a film she starred in in 1943 titled Presenting Lily Mars. This film is a favorite of mine and I have been in love with her costume ever since my first viewing. For the bodice, I used a pattern for Glinda the good witch (simplicity) that I altered to obtain the desired cut and V back. It is made of a layer of silk taffeta, lined with the same fabric, with some sort of upholstery fabric in between, and spiral boning to give it shape and hold. The back has metal eyelets that I covered with black thread, and it laces up with a satin ribbon. I don't think the original laces up in the back, they probably used a zipper or hooks,  but I liked the idea. The skirt is made with crinoline, and there is one layer of silk underneath to avoid transparency since I didn't buy the finest crinoline  (it was too expensive). The gloves are bought. I made the hairpiece with an ostrich feather that I cut up and tied in the shape I liked, to create a sort of little poofy fascinator. 

Here is the original inspiration:
The original dress is longer than mine, has a pointier bust and has feather sewn in the skirt. I wanted to do the feathers too, but I couldn't find any that were long enough, and the few I found were too expensive, it would have cost a fortune to buy enough for the whole skirt... So I stuck with only the little hairpiece (which is smaller than the original)

The sequins were all handsewn individually, and they all have a little bead in them to add to the effect

It was my first attempt at a 1940's updo.  For someone who didn't use a tutorial I think it was rather good!

My Dorothy portrait in the back! Two versions of Judy together, the little girl and the woman!

Tomorrow we'll travel back to the Regency era, stay tuned!


It's a Jolly Holiday With Mary (take 2)

Hi! Sorry for my long absence, I did sew and everything during that time, I was just waiting to take time to get good pictures. And here they are! So get ready for a couple of picture-heavy posts. First in line, here are (finally) good pictures of my Mary Poppins dress, and I am glad I waited because these pictures are amazing, the light was perfect, and everything.

So here goes:

I'm rather happy with the result, the only thing is that the skirt still isn't straight, making a perfect circle skirt with chiffon is the hardest thing. I tried twice, took my time and measured everything twice, and still it's not perfect. apart from that, I love my little Maerican Duchess Renoir boots, the complete the outfit perfectly. They are a bit large at the ankle though, and I just saw she posted an article on how to re-adjust the fit, so next time they'll be nice and snug on my ankles. I love the gloves, they are antique hand-crocheted gloves I found in an antiques store in Deschambault. 

Have a nice day!