mardi 24 avril 2012

Knitted baby vest

Hi! I've been knitting a lot lately, so here is one of the various things I've been making. It's a baby's vest made of a bamboo and angora mix (suuuper soft). I made it with a vintage pattern, found here. I didn't make the crochet edging since I can't really crochet, and I ran out of yarn before I completed the hood, so I changed it for a cute collar, and added a yellow ribbon to tie it. It was supposed to be a 6 month size, but since size doesn't really matter since I wasn't making it for anyone, I didn't really check the gauge. In the end, it's more of a 0-3 mth size than a 6 month.

and now back to my needles and yarns!

jeudi 19 avril 2012

1840's stays done!

Hello! my insane hand-sewn 1840's stays have been basicaly done for a little while now, but I was still missing the busk. Yesterday I finally got over my laziness on the ubject and went to the garden shed to see what I couls find. I ended up with two paint sticks (I figured one wouldn't be sturdy enough). I'll still have to tape them together, though, because they are quite nattow and tend to move around in my busk pocket. I also have to go buy some white satin ribbon for the laces, because the shoelaces I used to put it on yesterday are not only ugly, but there isn't enough to lace it all the way. I had to skip a bunch of eyelets,  which explains the wrinkling down the sides.

I still have to make a proper shift. I'll make a period accurate one, off shoulders with the short tight sleeves. Kind of like the one Emily Blunt wears in Young Victoria. The pattern is already drafted, I just need to cut it and sew it.

Once I'm done with these, I'll have some proper pictures taken. And by then summer will be probably be here, so I'll have a nice green backround instead of all the brownish naked trees and dead grass we have right now.

Front. There is something weird going on with the left side (my right). I don't know if it's because of the angle of the picture (probably), my posture, the busk moving around, if I just didn't put the corset on straight (which happens often) of if it's the corset itself. I'll look into it. Apart from that, I'm really proud of the result.

Side. I didn't take pictures f the back because of the weird laces. Oh and by the way, the corset is entirely upcycled. The only thing I bought so far are the steel bones and the threads (embroidery and heavy-duty quilting thread).

This is the kind of shift I'm going for. If only the handsome prince came along with it...

Back to my other projects, and hopefully I'll make the shift soon!

jeudi 12 avril 2012

1912 dress coming together

I've been working a little bit more on my new 1912 costume these past two days and managed to finish the dress itself. The outfit will be complete when I finish the belt, and probably will add a headband too with a feather like on the inspiration picture (found here)

I apologise for the bad picture quality...

Back. I'm wearing my 1911 corset underneath but it doesn't really show. It will make a difference once the belt is on. Also, the overskirt is a bit wrinkly. It will look better once I've properly ironed it. 


tryout with the unfinished belt... just to get the general idea. I'm not wearing my corset in those two last pictures. 

I might have to shorten the dress again, but I'm waiting for my American Duchess ''Astoria'' shoes to get here first. 

What do you think? I also intend to make a headband in black and gold, kind of like the belt, with a big white ostrich feather. 

mardi 10 avril 2012

April 10, 1912

Exactly 100 years ago today, the now famous ship Titanic set sail from Southampton, England to start it's maiden voyage. No one knew yet what was to happen just a few days later. To commemorate the event, I had some photos taken this morning with my ''Swim'' dress on. Nothing too fancy though, my sister took the pictures on our balcony. The weather was not that great, just 5˚C outside (you can imagine I was freezing in my little dress), and the sun wasn't really out so the colors and the lighting aren't that good, but it will do for now. You recognize my dress from my previous Swim dress post. Since then I have touched up the hems and added some beading on the neckline. The dress was made two or three years ago, and since then I've lost a few pounds, so what was intended to be an intentionnaly tight fitting dress (to cover up the fact I don't wear a corset underneath because the V in the back is too deep) is now barely tight enough... It still looks nice, though.

The cup I'm holding in my hands is actually a reproduction of the cups that were on the Titanic. I got it at the Titanic exhibition in Montreal a few years ago. 

Let's not forget the flying shot!

Things got a little bit silly towards the end of the photo shoot. I thought I'd share a few of the poses

This is my attempt at the ''Mary Crawley pose'' I think it's not really good but I'll let you judge! Plus with the Rose dress it's doesn't really work...

What did you do to commemorate the event? I'll carry on working on my other 1912 dress, and on the 14th I'll go and watch Titanic in 3D at the movie theater. Wish I had some sort of costumed event to go to...  I'll probably just end up going to the cinema in my ''Rose'' dress!

lundi 9 avril 2012

1912 dress progressing and a few knitted hats

Hi! Sorry my posts have been a little boring lately. I seem to have started too many projects at the same time, so they're all progressing at a slow pace, and on top of that I keep starting new knitting projects all the time. Anyway, here are a few pictures of what I've been working on this week:

This is a baby's vest in a 6 month size. I started it last summer and never took the time to finish it. 

More old-fashionned baby bonnets! The concept of these is kind of like a twin set. They're almost the same design but if you pay closer attention you'll notice the lace pattern is slightly different . I don't think I'm gonna sell those, I love them too much. Plus they took me forever to knit.

A little norwegian baby hat. I won't sell this one either. The colors are gorgeous and it also took me forever to knit

The patterns for these hats can be found on the internet. They are all from the DROPS design site, as was the previous bonnet in the green/orange yarn from this post (which I'm keeping too). The only one I modified here was the second blue bonnet. 

Sneak peek of my 1912 dress. I know it looks kind weird now. What you can see here is the bodice and the overskirt pinned together.