mercredi 29 juin 2011

Doll clothing pt.2

Hi! Here's the rest of my little doll costumes. The first post about them can be found here. As I said in the previous post, I learned how to sew partly by practicing on dolls, and doll clothing is also a fun thing to make with those little bits of leftover fabric!

Irish dancer

little gingham dress, apron and hat

Titanic inspired dress

Indian costume

Tulle dress

Long red dress

Baby Gumm-inspired ''Angel'' dress

Velvet dress (inspired by Judy Garland's red christmas dress from "Meet Me In St-Louis" )

18th century-ish dress

Hope you liked them!

mardi 28 juin 2011


Here some more of my past work. These are all fabric sunhats, mostly for babies or young children.

Most of these were made around 2009-2010.

A happy little girl!

Sailor hat

The four pictures above were taken using a pommelo fruit as a head, so that's why the fit is a bit awkward.

This one was a special order for a baby who was born in the middle of the summer!

Little mop hats. The blue one is made of poplin and the pink one is cotton flannel. They're both reversible. 

And that's the one I made for myself!

lundi 27 juin 2011

Doll clothing pt.1

Hello! While I'm still travelling, here some more of my past work. This time, doll clothes. Making doll clothes is actually one of the way I learned how to sew, because messing up with such a small outfit is not as frustrating as with a big one with lots of fabric! It's also a fun way to use those little bits of scrap fabric!

I have three dolls of different sizes as models. une 12 inch baby doll, one 18 inch plastic girl doll and one 21 inch porcelain doll.

I've got quite a bit, so here is the first half, not in any particular order. I'll do another post soon for the rest of them.

This one is kind of a mix between a fantasy 18th century top and a bustle skirt. I had just a little fabric left and this wa entirely experimental. The result isn't so bad!

little flannel dress and hat

This one with the tulle skirt was a special order for a lucky birthday girl!

Upcycled nightgown made from a camisole

vendredi 24 juin 2011

Happy Quebec day!

As you may not know, I am a French Canadian, and today is Quebec day, or "St-Jean-Baptiste" as we call it. It's the day where all (or at least most) French Canadians throw a big party in honor of our beloved province.

The origins of this holiday go very far back, no one really knows when it started,  but it got me thinking of the olden days in New-France, before it belonged to the British, and of all our history.

There is a great tv series that I love, called "Marguerite Volant" It is set in Quebec in 1763, and tells the story of a french canadian landlord and his family, especially his younger daughter Marguerite, and how they deal with the news of the Treaty of Paris (The French giving up New France to the British, who made it the "New Province of Quebec").  It's actually a very good show, it depicts well how life would have been for French Canadians back then, adding a bit of adventure, drama and romance, and, big bonus, the costumes are awesome! It's in french though, I don't know if a translation exists.

If you want more info on this, Enchanted Serenity of Period Films made a great description of it, with pictures and everything. Here is the link to the actual description. 

Anyway, I would like to wish a ""Bonne St-Jean", as we say in french to all my family and friends in Quebec. As for me, I am still in Bali, and our celebrations resumed to singing a few french canadian songs with my mom and sister on our little bungalow's front porch. Next year I'll celebrate for real!

Happy Quebec Day! / Bonne St-Jean!

mercredi 22 juin 2011

RIP Judy

This is the last post for my ''Judy Garland'' least for now.

42 years ago, on june 22, 1969, Judy Garland passed away of a sleeping pills overdose.

She is (and will still be for a long time) remembered as one of the greatest entertainers of the twentieth century.

Here's a clip from ''The Judy Garland Show'' where she sings ''Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries''. I Just love that song!

Rest In Peace Judy

mardi 21 juin 2011

More Past Work

Here is some more of my past work. This time: baby clothing (yeah, I know, never would have guessed). All these pieces were made somewhere between autumn 2010 and spring 2011.  

African print toddler wrapover dress


Eyelet wrapover baby dress, size 12 mths


Other eyelet wrapover baby dress, size 8 mths

Sleepytime wrapper, 0-3 mths size (cotton flannel and cotton sheet)

Sleepytime wrapper, size 12 mths (eyelet and cotton flannel)

Old fashionned ''Easter'' dress and bonnet (eyelet, chiffon and poplin) size 6 mths

Old fashionned white dress and bonnet (muslin, silk and poplin), size 6 mths


Flannel dress. (flannel and cotton sheet)

Summer pillowcase outfit (pillowcase top, mop hat and little bloomers), size 6 mths

Summer dress, size 6-8 mths

Summer dress back

Barracoat (old fashionned piece of baby clothing) with polka dots. (cotton flannel and cotton sheets) size 3 mths. 

Most of these were made to experiment with the fabrics and pattern-making. I do like the results, especially the polka dot sleepytime wrapper and the pink summer dress!

If you want to see the other pieces of children's clothing I made, you can click on the ''Children'' label. I also have a few baby and children summer hats. I'll do a post about them soon!