mercredi 20 février 2013

New American Duchess Edwardian shoes!

Check out these awesome new shoes by American Duchess!

Gibsons are directly made from an original Edwardian shoe, and feature an elegant shape, cutout styling, and our custom French heel.  They're crazy comfortable, look great on, and fit perfectly with your Downton Abbey, Titanic, and Somewhere in Time events.

You can get more information here:

samedi 16 février 2013

Disney vacation... and how it went with my costumes

Hi there! I just got back from my week at Disney! It was a lot of fun, but exhausting! As some of you know I worked hard to make some Disney costumes for myself, my stepmother and the kids, to finally learn two days before leaving that adults aren't supposed to dress up... oops. The reason for that is that they don't want people to look like a cast member and confuse the kids. Their characters are trained to act in a certain way, and if you look too much like one but don't act the part kids might get confused and disappointed... plus it's a question of security. But even if I understand the reasons for this rule, I was still mad and disappointed about it... so I managed to still dress up but in a way that people would know I'm not the real thing. My snow white dress was already intended to be shorter, with no collar, and no cape. I also dismissed the red bow at the last minute, though I found out later I could have worn it. For Mary Poppins (which was a huge hit, I had compliments about every 10 minutes, plus every character in the parades either pointing at me, kissing my hand or hugging me) I took off the dress, wore a white shirt with the pettiskirt, the coster and hat, and had a red vest for when it was chilly.

And now for the pictures:

I managed to convince the hostess at the restaurant (1900 Park Fare) for the Mary Poppins/Alice brunch  to let me wear my complete Mary Poppins costume since the restaurant is not in one of the parks. She said it was okay as long as I didn't take pictures with kids I didn't know. 

My little stepsister in her Minnie Mouse outfit!

Two Mary Poppins!

With Alice. That restaurant was really nice. It was a buffet brunch at the Grand Floridian resort (called 1900 Park Fare)

With one of the caroussel horses from the Mary poppins movie! That's how I looked once I took off the dress and with the white shirt. You still recognize the character, but I didn't look like one of the cast members. 

See the little stars embroidered on the skirt? Love it!! These were in a show

Singing in the rain :)

That was the actual shirt and vest worn by Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. It was for sale for 65 000 dollars... anyone interested? 

Travelling costume worn by Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music

Scarlett O'Hara's curtain dress

Trolley show on Main Street U.S.A.

With Snow White AND Prince Charming. Since it was True Love week all the princesses had their princes with them... I think it should be this way all the time...

Edwardian costumes display in one of the shops

Princess Aurora's dress that turns from pink to blue!

With my 18th century corset and Mickey Mouse... I spent one whole day in the corset, not realizing before I put it on that wearing a fully (steel) boned corset when it's 30˚C and sunny outside isn't a really good idea. But I looked good, right?

The kids with some cookies I got them

Gaston and a kid. I waited for someone fir a while right beside where he was, and watched him for a while. He was really fun to watch, always kissing his muscles, and saying how beautiful he was. 

The new ''Be Our Guest'' restaurant in New Fantasyland. This is the Ballroom part. It was awesome, had delicious food and totally worth the one hour wait to get in!

In my Snow White costume 

Another one with Mary Poppins, and with my red vest this time. The only bad thing about the costume is that the hat was made of buckram and had some little apples on it. I didn't know that neither of these things couldn't withstand water, and got in the rain... the hat got wet and started losing it's shape, the only thing holding it together being the wire inside, and the apples started melting and staining the white fabric... I should be able to fix it though. I'll take the apples off and put some little flowers instead. 

Our last restaurant was the Arkhesus house, it's a norwegian restaurant at Epcot and the princesses come to greet you during the meal. 

I thing that Ariel had the best looking costume. It was a beautiful Aqua blue with silver desings. I asked someone working with them what the fabric was for the princess dresses, and she said that they were mostly made of synthetic fabric, and all lined with cotton to give them shape and so that they drape well. They are also all made of two parts, a top and a skirt (plus petticoats) and they all hook together at the waist. 
Have a nice day!!

mardi 5 février 2013

It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary...

Hi There! My Mary Poppins costume is finished at last (okay, except for a few touch ups I still need to do) but here are some photos!! I'll be taking some awesome ones in Disney World, but for now these will do!

I made the hat with buckram and wire, covered it with poplin, then chiffon, then tulle and finally feathers and little apples. It's not exactly like the real one, but I made it with what I already had and I only had to buy the tulle. The apples were taken from an old Christmas ornament. I used a victorian corset pattern for the corset (Simplicity I think, or McCalls) and just cut it to the desired shape afterwards. I used some kind of sturdy cotton/denim for the under layer, and vietnamese silk for the red part. The rest of the costume is mostly chiffon. And I haven't taken a picture, but the pettiskirt underneath has one red layer, so if I move you see a fun swirl of red and white!

Have a nice day!!

UPDATE (2014) : I modified my costume to look more like the real thing and took good pictures in the garden. I re-did the whole bodice with a higher neckline and took off the cherries on the hat. You can see the result here : Jolly Holiday take 2  I like it a lot more now!