mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Halloween in Switzerland!

Hi! Well, it turns out Halloween is not nearly as popular in europe compared to norh america. I decided to make a costume anyway and celebrate by myself, by putting on my newly-made costume and eating swiss chocolate and Haribo candy while watching Once Upon A time. Not nearly as fun as a nice party with some friends, but i guess you have to make-do with what you have!!

And now for the costume. First of all, where I'm staying there is a beautiful fully equipped sewing room, unused beacause the owner is now to old to sew. When I got here, they told me I could use it if I wanted, and even gave me some spare fabric in case I felt inspired! So after watching all those glorious costumes in Once Upon A Time, I couldn't help being in a fairy-tale costume kinda mood. I wanted to make a unique costume, that would be fairytale-ish, but where some parts were removeable to be able to use it as a simpler dress. I designed, cut it and made it in about four days. At first I also wanted to make a cape, but finally abandonned the idea.  Here is what I came up with (please ignore the fact that the pictures are badly framed):

So here is my fairytale dress. I wasn't thinking of any fairytale character in particular, I just went with the fabrics I had and the fact I had no pattern to make this costume. I think it would also look great if instead of the white belt thigny I used my white 1840's corset. That remains to be seen when I get home!

bodice close-up

If I remove the bustle part I'm left with a nice red dress. I could also use some more modern belt and voilà! I'll roably wear it for Christmas (which I'll be spending in Vienna this year! Be reassured, I will take some pictures of Sissi's dresses and post them here!!). 

Oh and I've also been knitting a bit. I made this little sweater in a 6-12 month size, and below a sleeveless pull-over in a 0-3 month size. Both are made of fair trade hand-dyed merino. 

Latest whereabouts

Hello! here are a few pictures of my latest explorations in Switzerland!


The beautiful blue-eyed Himalayan cat living where I'm staying. 

On my birthday on october 19!

I visited a salt mine. All the white there is salt!!

A restaurant inside the mines. That would make an awesome spot for a halloween party!

There was some wine tasting celebration up in the vines really close to where I'm staying, along with some Swiss horn players! About a minte earlier they were playing in a nice line and it would have made a great picture, but I was too late...

A good glass of wine ad a nice view!

lundi 29 octobre 2012

New doula blog

Hi! Some of you already know, that apart from sewing costumes and knitting I am a doula, or labor support and childbirth educator. I already have a blog in french in where I write various articles about pregnancy, childbirth and maternity. Here is the link to the french blog:
I recently decided to start translating my articles to english, so I opened a new similar blog in english at :
There isn't anything on it yet, except a welcome post and a presentation, but articles are coming soon! So if you're pregnant or planning to have kids, feel free to check out my blog, and think about using a doula!

dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Once Upon A Time

Hi there! I'll be posting some new pictures of my adventures in Switzerland, but first I just had to make a post about an awesome TV show I just discovered. The show is alteady well into it's second year, but I started to watch it this week ( and got through all the episodes in about four days).

Once Upon A Time is about a small american town where all the people living there are actually fairytale characters who, because of some evil curse, have ended up in our world and forgot their true identities. At the same time we see flashbacks into their past in the fairytale world and learn who is who. And through it all à woman enters and she is supposed to break said curse.

Finally, the mots important part is that not only the story is great, the fairytale costumes are gorgeous. And on top of that, my all time favorite fairytale princess, Snow White, happens to be one of the main characters, AND is kind of a badass in this version, which is awesome! Here are a few pictures, enjoy!

The Evil Queen and Hansel and Gretel


Prince charming and some King's daugnter
Not so little Red Riding hood


Belle and Rumpletiltsin
Snow White in her huntress outfit and the evil Queen

A pregnant Snow White

These are just a few of the dozens of gorgeous costumes in this series. Serously, I think I'm gonna buy the bluray version of the series just to see the costumes in more detail!!

mardi 16 octobre 2012

Geneva and Aigle

Hi there! I'm still in Switzerland and will be for a little while. Lately I visited Geneva, did some hikin in the Alps, and went to a little town called Aigle. Here are my best shots:

The only shot I took in Geneva. 

Ripe grapes on the vine and yellowing leaves...


The sign says: If you find the landscape so pretty, then dring the wine from this valley. (Don't worry, I will!)


A spot I found and love. I like to take some naps there, and when I wake up I have the most gorgeous view in front of me!

Same shot, without the feet. The clouds and light are blocking the rest of the view which is a gorgeous mountain with snow on top. 

In the castle in Aigle

Costumes! These aren't historical, they were made in 1999 for some winemakers celebration. 

I love the little girl grape costume! and check out the headpiece!

look at the grape design in the lace...

some old engravings about wine and vineyards

Swiss costumes

View from the castle

Took a break from visiting for some afternoon tea and sherbet!!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! I'm visiting Lausanne tomorrow, so more to come soon!