mardi 29 janvier 2013

Disney Sneak Peek

Hi! I'm currently hard at work both in the sewing room and with my doula practice. But the costumes are coming together, I'm pretty much done with most of them except for the accessories, and Mary Poppins in in the works. Here is a sneak peek of my Snow White dress and of my Stepmother's Jasmine top!

And now back to work!

Have a nice day!

vendredi 25 janvier 2013

Meet this 1924 beauty!

Hi there! Recently I had the opportunity to try an old pedal-operated sewing machine. I fell in love with it. There is something about these machines that is a little bit magical. So I had to get one for myself. Luckilly, I found one that was for sale close to my place and got a really good deal for it. The lady showed me the certificate, and this machine dates from 1924, and was made in honor of Singer's centennial anniversary, if I recall correctly. The wood needs a bit of restoring, but this piece is truly beautiful, and perfectly functionnal! If Downton Abbey characters were real, this is the kind of machine they could have used! And bonus, electricity shortcuts will no longer stop me from carrying on with my sewing! I also realised that both my sewing machines are vintage. My other one is from 1964! I actually prefer them to modern ones, because they are all-metal and almost unbreakable, unlike the modern plastic ones that break down all the time because the pieces are to fragile. 

Beautiful, isn't it? I'm trying to find a name for it. Got any ideas? Apart from this, as I said in my previous post, I'm going to Disney World soon, and I am making costumes for me, and the people who are going with me. The two kids are Minnie and Mickey, I'll be an 18th century pirate, Snow White, and Mary Poppins (from the Jolly Holiday number). My stepmother will be Princess Jasmine and my Dad will be Indiana Jones ( cuz he's a disney character now!). So far Jasmine is pretty much done, except for accessories and a few missing snaps, Snow White is almost finished, Mary Poppins is progressing well, and I still have to make some Mickey ears for my little stepbrother.  Such fun! Pictures coming soon!!

Have a nice day!

samedi 12 janvier 2013

I'm back!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long abscence! I'm finally back home after three months in europe! I have some more pictures, but the best ones are the ones I've already shown. Also, I went to Vienna and got to see some of Empress Elisabeth (Sisi)'s fabulous dresses. Sadly I couldn't take pictures of most of them, but I'll make a post about her and her costumes soon anyway.

And I'm planning to leave again soon because my father invited me to go to Disney World with him, his girlfriend and her two kids (6 year old boy and 7 year old girl). Of course, I can't go to Disney without a costume, and managed to convince everyone to wear one. So I'm currently on serious costuming duty! This week I made somme Minnie and Mickey costumes for the kids. Here are some unofficial pics:

Ain't they cute? The boy will also have some Mickey ears, probably combined with Mickey's magician hat. The black shirt isn't really part of the costume, his mom will get him one that's his size.

I'll be going as a pirate (see 18th century pirate in completed projects), Mary Poppins from the Jolly Holiday number, and a 1950's version of Snow White. Their mother will be Jasmine and my dad will be Indiana Jones (because he counts as a Disney character now). 

Well, I'll update more seriously soon, but more costume fun coming up!!