samedi 26 septembre 2015

Regency Wardrobe!

Hi again! As promised, here is a little sideshow of our combined regency wardrobes for the Festival. We both also have the appropriate undergarments (not shown) maybe you can find a picture of those in an older post. 

Mum's lavender bib front

I call that one my ''candy'' dress. It's a wrap-front dress. 

This is the only outfit I didn't make myself. The dress and bonnet were made by my friend E's mum and the cloak was bought in Glastonbury. 

Mum's blue stripy dress, made from old sheets, and her yellow spencer and bonnet made with yellow linen and lined with various fabrics. The bonnet was made using a dollar store straw hat that I refashioned. 

The white eyelet one. You may recognize it from last year

Close-up on the yellow spencer and bonnet (and of my gorgeous Mum)

The insane shawl I knitted over the 4 previous months. So much work, but so worth it!

The blue muslin from last year, and a new bonnet I made from a straw hat I had in my wardrobe. I cut it in the right shape, and blinded it with silk bias and decorated it with a lace flower. 

The orange sari ball gown. Bib front and all made of silk, except for the underskirt. 

Mum's sari open-robe. Wish I had taken more pictures of that one! The dress underneath is a simple off-white muslin drawstring dress. The open robe is made of a vintage silk sari. 

Same orange ball gown, different headdress. 

My white bib-front, made with an old duvet cover. 

Our silk taffeta ball gowns. Mum's is a bib front and mine is a wrap-front. 

The candy dress in action. After that day it was all grass stained and one of the seams was partly coming apart. You can see the lace flower on the bonnet also! 

Hope you liked it! 

Jane Austen festival 2015!!

Hi! I just got back from my second time attending the Jane Austen festival in Bath, England. Once again, I had a lovely time dressing up, going to balls, and having lots of fun with all my Janeite friends. Here are just a few pictures of our trip (a slim selection out of the 2000 pictures i took), in no particular order.  I haven't got the approbation of all my friends to publish their photos, so I tried to be careful, but if by any chance someone ends up appearing in one of the following pictures who does not wish it, just tell me and I will remove it. Enjoy!

Visiting Dorset after the festival. 

On the Cobb in Lyme Regis

Wellies add to the style don't you think?

Swooning over the dashing officer C. 

Visiting Lacock in costume! I found that cape in a shop in Glastonbury. It's all in cotton velvet and keeps you nice and warm. 

Playing Marrying Mr. Darcy till 2 am

Playing Marrying Mr. Darcy with a Jane Austen doll, and a pineapple, of course. 

Strolling along the canal

Doing a bit of the Bath Skyline walk

At the Masked Ball

being silly at the masked ball!

More sillyness

On a bridge Jane Austen would have crossed often!

Fan-girling in front of Jane Austen's house

Walking in the gardens of Montacute with my good friend M. 

The big promenade

At the Highbury ball

Harp workshop

Picnic in front of the Royal Crescent

Playing Rounders in costume. Still have to repair my dress from that day. 


Jiving regency style!

Next post I will present our Regency wardrobe. Hope you enjoyed!

Have a nice day :)