dimanche 26 février 2012

1911 Post Edwardian Corset Done!!

Here it is! My Titanic Era corset, also known an the ''Post Edwardian'' corset from Bridges on the Body. I made it during the Sew-along organised by Jo from that same blog. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I used a cotton coutil in a cream colot with little navy blue stripes. For the trimmings, I used some bias tape in navy blue, some lace for the top trimming and some satin ribbons in navy blue for the laces in the back. The first 6 photos were taken this morning, just after I put it on. It was a little tight, but not that much for I was in a bit of a hurry and didn't have time to lace it properly. The last set of photos were takes some two hours after. I laced it tightly and properly, and was quite comfortable with it (as far as comfort goes with a corset). I wanted to wear it for a bit just to get the feel of it and to give me the idea of what it must have been like to be an young lady in the early nineteen teens. I had it on for about four hours, even tried to sew a little bit in it and ate lunch with it (of course, I wore an apron on top to make sure I wouldn't get it dirty). 

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Oh and the piece of clothing I'm wearing under it wasn't really intended for this purpose. It's actually a nice vintage-looking nightdress I bought in Ireland a few years ago. I looked at it this morning and decided it would make a nice Edwardian chemise with the sleeves tucked in !

I had been siiting down right before the picture and didn't notice the bottom was lifting a little bit. 

close-up on the lace trimming

Laced properly at last! 

Looks good, doesn't it? Can't wait to have a nice dress to wear on top! I'll go and start working on it right now, and hopefully will finish it before april 14!

Au revoir!

Adventures in corset-making

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. I had a few things going on and I didn't take the time to post about my progess. I was at the point where it was time to insert the boning. I has a little problem, though: I bought steel boning in continuous lenght and hadn't realized I would need something to coat the ends after cutting. I wrote on the flickr page for the sew-along and was told I needed Plasti-dip. I soon realized that no store whatsoever in montreal had that product, and after a quick search learned that this product was not selling in Canada... So I embarked on a journey of trying to find something to replace it with. The fact that the boys at the hardware store didn't understant what I wanted to do didn,t help much '' you want to put steel in a piece of clothing ??!?! what for? And why do you have to coat your steel?!?!?''

Some guy in the car department told me to buy some car repair stuff, but only after buying did I read the notice that said '' highly toxic, use gloves, a breathing mask and protective glasses. Do not let it touch your skin or your clothing''. After searching through what I had at home, hoping something could do the job, I found this little tube of sillicone...

It's basically kitchen and bathroom sillicone, fot joints and such... but it said it workes with metal so i gave it a try. 

Here is the boning drying. After a forst try with one bone, I decided the sillicone was okay, so I did the rest of them. If you count them, you'll see there are two extras ones that aren't even the right size. These two are for my 1840's stays. 

The boning is in! It was a little bit harder to slide in because of the sillicont, but i managed it nonetheless. Sorry the pictures are sideways, I forgot to turn them and my computer is slow today so it would have taken too long to delete, turn and re-upload :(

Bias on the top and below the lace was added. Pretty, isn't it?

Satin ribbon laces added... can't wait to try it on!!

mardi 21 février 2012

I am still alive

Hello! It's been quite a long time since I last posted. I had to go to Montreal a few times and have been ill for the last two days. I'm slowly recovering and should be able to resume my activities by tomorrow.

My 1911 corset is progressing, The grommets are all set and the bottom binding is sewn on. I was missing the stuff to coat the ends of the boning. Sadly, Plasti-Dip is terribly hard to find in Canada, I heard somewhere that it was forbidden to sell it here because it is too toxic or something. Anyway, I found something that could work and will try it soon.

My 1840's stays are coming together as well, I have but two eyelets left to make. I still have to find some kind of busk, though.

Pictures coming soon!

mercredi 8 février 2012

More progress on my corsets and beginnings of a corded petticoat

Can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I last posted! Well I've been sewing and knitting a lot, and my corsets are coming together.

First the 1911 Post-Edwardian from the sew-along at Bridges on the Body.

Panels sewn together

Waist tape and bone channels

Back facing sewn on and Busk inserted!


And now for the 1840's stays:

I decided to go for handsewn eyelets, even if metal ones would still have been historically accurate. Handsewn ones look prettier, even if thay take way way way way longer to make. It takes me around 30 minutes to make one. They could be made faster, but I decided to sew some cording in the back before I embroider them.  

Finally, the corded petticoat! Since my 1840's stays are intended to be part of a whole ensemble (I've already got some gorgeous blue satin for the gown), I need some support for the skirt. This was before the hoop skirt era, so I started a corded petticoat. It's around 90 inches around and I inserted some knitting cotton yarn in pintucks.