vendredi 30 décembre 2011

Baby's Christmas dress

As you already know, my cousin has an adorable little baby daughter (also seen herehere, and here). Since she's the only baby in my entourage, I've taken it as my role to dress her up in fancy handmade hats and outfits, to the delight of her parents. When she was born in september, I immediately told her parents not to buy a Christmas outfit, because I wanted to make her one.

At first I wanted to go for a 1950's style baby dress, but finally got inspired by 1840's fashion (again). I didn't want to make a historical costume, so I just took the general look of girl's clothing of that era and played around with it a little bit, with fabrics I already had in my stash.

Here is what I came up with:

Look at that happy face!! 

The dress and hat are made of cotton eyelet, and are fully lined with red cotton flannel. 

I also knitted this little piece to go on top, to keep her warm. I don't know the proper name for it, but I call it a heart-warmer (which would be the exact translation of it's name in french). It's made with wool. 

vendredi 23 décembre 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick little post to wish you a very Merry Christmas! I've started (and finished for the most) a few projects in the past weeks, but since they're gifts for the most part I'm waiting until after Christmas to post about them.  But until then, I hope you have a good time celebrating with your family and dear ones :)

My little sister and I, quite a few Christmases ago, back when I was still the tallest! 

A very Merry Christmas to you!

vendredi 16 décembre 2011

Challenge completed!

In my last post I mentionned I was challenging myself to make a new Regency dress from A to Z in a very short period of time. I started around noon thursday, and had until friday night, midnight to complete it!. Well, I can proudly say that I made it! Well, I must admit that I finished the hemming of the skirt around 00:25, but I spent over half an hour trying it on, admiring it and looking at myself in the mirror earlier, so it's like I finished it on time. Of course, the dress didn't include the undergarments, so I still need proper stays and a petticoat to go with it.

Here are some pictures. I'll eventually take some good ones, with appropriate lighting and a nice background, and please ignore the mess all around me.

Bodice mock-up

bodice coming together

Enlarged pattern. I used a pattern from the book Period Costume for stage and Screen, 1800-1909, by Jean Hunnissett. I went for the 1800 drawstring bodice and the skirt and sleeves that seemed to go best with it.

As mentionned earlier, I still need some proper stays and a petticoat, or at least some sort of underskirt. 

Yayy I did it! My very first Regency dress!!

Happy Birthday Jane Austen!

Today Jane Austen would have been 236 years old. To celebrate this great author's birthday I decided to challenge myself. Starting yesterday at noon, I have until midnight tonight to make a regency dress. It's now 2:08 pm and the bodice is almost done, so I think I might succeed! And now back to my sewing machine, and once I'm done I'll continue reading Sense and Sensibility!

Jane Austen (image from google)

mercredi 14 décembre 2011

Victorian Photography

As you may already have noticed, I have a thing for the Victorian era. As I was wasting my time on the internet, I came across some photographs of the royal family back then. I later learned that photography was actually one of Queen Victoria's passions (the other being Albert). Anyway, the thing with photography it that they were real.  What I mean is that nowadays we're so used to see films and reenactments, we don't realise that it really used to be like that. It's all so far away from our reality, that seeing actual photographs of that time, with the ladies all dressed in theit big dresses and bonnets is kinda fascinating!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite shots, enjoy!


The whole royal family 

That must be Princess Alice and one of her kids. Love her dress!

I wonder what color her dress really was!

Princess Helena. I like this picture, even if she looks really sad.

I believe these are Albert and Victoria

This one's my favorite. It's Queen Victoria and one of her descendents, I don't know who, but the picture's beautiful. 

Princess Vicky

Vicky and her kids (or some of them)

Most of these pictures are from this site. Some are from wikipedia. 

As for my sewing and knitting projects, they're slowly coming together. More on that soon!. 

jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Miss Maman

Just a little pece of news. In my last post I spoke of a maternity boutique in St-Jerome interested in selling some of my baby hats. Now it's official! The hats were delivered there this morning. If you happen to be in St-Jerome, make sure to check it out, it really is a great little shop, right by exit 45 of the autoroute 15. It's called Miss Maman and here is their website (in french).

Have a great day!

mardi 29 novembre 2011

Return of the baby pictures

My cousin's baby girl is now 2 1/2 months old and keeps getting cuter. I spent the whole afternoon with her saturday and took a lot of pictures. A maternity boutique in St-Jerome is interested in selling my baby hats, so it was my last chance to take pictures of the hats with the baby before they end up in the shop.

Once again, she was an angel for the whole time. I really can't believe how calm this kid is.

This one is my favorite. Have you ever seen anything cuter?