vendredi 26 août 2011

Knitted Bonnets

Apart from my historical costume, I've been working on a a few other things, including some old-fashionned sewn bonnets (or caps, they would have been called then). Haven't got any pictures yet, but I'll take some soon. In the meantime, here are a few knitted baby bonnets/hoods I made in the past. There are a couple more still to be photographed. 

ZigZag pixie hood

Merino bonnet

Baby doll bonnet

lundi 22 août 2011

Stays progress

As I said in the previous post, I have been away for a little bit, so my 1840's stays haven't progressed as fast as I hoped. Still, I managed to finish the cording and embroidery on the front piece and get started on the right side piece.

Design for the side piece

Side piece itself. You can see I've already embroidered the ''V'', and the rest is in pale blue. 

Completed front piece

And now back to my needle and thread!

Wicked dress modifications

Hi! It's been a while since the last time I posted here. I've been on a short holiday around Quebec with my dad, and then I had problems with my internet. Anyway, I'm back!

There was something bugging me with my ''Wicked'' dress. I didn't like the decorative shoulder thingy. You know, the pieces of fabric that were sewn on the shoulders, and across the front. I don't really know what to call them. Anyway, here's a ''before''picture.

And after (sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, the lighting in my room is terrible):

Much better, isn't it?  I made it, by layering 3 inch-wide stripes of fabric (organza, chiffon, jersey, cotton, tulle...) and then cutting them to achieve the ''roughed-up'' look. Then, to add fullness I gathered the whole thing, and sewed it by hand.

I intend to take some good pictures with that costume, probably when the autumn colors will come out, with the full makeup and everything. So watch out for that!

mardi 9 août 2011

1840's stays update

Hello! I've been working and working on my stays these past few days. Here are some pictures!

First of all, Ive decided to put two gustes on each side, which is more period accurate. This change called for a seond mock-up, it's the one in the picture above. 

these are three of the four layers (actually the first and second layers are pinned together). I chose to use cotton for the outer layers and linen for the inner ones. 

Design for the cording and embroidery on the front piece.

In this picture you can see i've finished the cording and embroidery on the left side, and barely started the right. I used some cotton knitting/crochet yarn for the cording. 

close-up on the embroidered fowers. 

Apart from the gussets on he linen layers which were sewn by machine, everything is hand stitched, as it would have been at the time.  The corset is also entirely upcycled, for the cotton comes from a duvet cover and the linen from a vintage tablecloth. 

jeudi 4 août 2011

18th century shoes

American Duchess has these gorgeous 18th century shoes for sale... couldn't resist blogging about them. Maybe I'll try to get a pair someday!

18th Century Shoe 

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lundi 1 août 2011

New costume project!

I've finally started working on a new costume project!! At first I wanted to make a Regency dress, but I decided to go for an early Victorian evening gown. I'll have to make it all, undergarments and everything. I'll also have to try making it with fabric I already have, and buy as little as possible.

In this post I had a nice costume concept. Here are the pictures again:

I'll stick with the same design for the top part, but make the skirt floor lenght, kind of like this dress:

I found this 1820's-1840's corset pattern on It's really well-made, except it's not at all my size. First I had to enlarge it, and then size it to fit my own measurments. I also modified the pattern so it would be strapless, much better for an off-shoulders gown. 

Here is the final pattern

And the weird looking mock-up. Believe me, the finished piece will look much better than this!

I intend to do it mostly the period way (by hand), and I will do some cording and embroidery, kind of like this, or like the corset Emily Blunt wears in ''Young Victoria''.

New Photos of the Newsboy Caps

Hi! First of all, I've finally started a new costume project. Instead of a Regency outfit as I said, I decided to go for a late 1830's-early 1840's ''Young Victoria'' style costume. I've already started working on the corset, so more on that later!

So my friend and her adorable 4 year-old nephew came over this weekend, and the little boy happily agreed to take a few pictures with my new cap just for fun. The caps fit him perfectly!

Here are some of the pictures:

I didn't like that much how the brown one ended up looking on his head, so I touched it up afterwards to make it look more like the grey one.  

Love that picture with the flower!

Here's how the brown cap looks like now, after the touching up. Sadly, my friend and her nephew were gone by then, so I didn't get to take pictures with him. 

Looks much better, doesn't it?