mardi 27 septembre 2011

Finally some good pictures of the Wicked dress!

Last weekend my sister and I took some awesome pictures of me in my Elphaba costume. The lighting and weather were perfect, with all the autumn colors around us (they don't show that much in the pictures, though). Anyway, it was about time I had some good pictures of my costume.

Here they are, enjoy!

Fooling around with my friend...who happened to be dressed as Dorothy!

Newborn clothes...with a newborn in them!

Yesterday I spent the day with my cousin's adorable Baby Girl (and her parents), who is just under three weeks old. I had brought some of my creations in her size to take some pictures. So nice to see my creations with an actual baby in them... much better than my old plastic doll!

In the upcycled white dress. It's still a little too big for her, but just as cute.

Organic cotton knit ensemble

What a little doll!

This Baby Girl is such a little doll! She didn't fuss once even if we kept changing and photographing her. Thank you, Baby Girl! I look forward to seeing you grow up!

mercredi 14 septembre 2011


Hi there! I have a few announcements to make. First, I will have my own table to show off and sell my creations for babies and children at the  ''Journees de la Culture'', or "Days of Culture", in Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts. It will happen on saturday oct 1 and sunday oct 2, 2011. Here's the address if you are interested: Place Lagny, 2 rue St-Louis.

I will also start a class next friday to become a Doula, or someone who provides non-mediacal support to new parents during labour, childbirth, and also during the postpartum period. I'm sure it will all go well!

I'm curetly working hard on for the Days of Culture, so that's why I haven't been posting so much lately. I still intend to finish my 1840's outfit eventually. 

Hope to see you on oct 1 and 2!

mardi 6 septembre 2011

Little caps/bonnets

As I said in the previous post, I've been working on old fashionned baby bonnets, or caps, as they would have been called in the olden days. I ordered a book called ''The Workwoman'g Guide Containing Instructions in Cutting out and Completing Articles of Wearing Apparel, By A Lady''. It was published in 1840 and my copy is simply a reprint from a scan of the original book. As the title says, it contains instructions and pattenrns to make various items, from undergarments to hats, for babies, women, men, boys and girls. It is truly a fascinating book.

It's full of plates like this, showing the patterns and the finished garments

Ayway, I chose a baby cap pattern in it to try it out, and I am quite pleased with the result. I made three versions of it. Here are some photos. 

The first two give a more classic look. They're made of eyelet and lined with cotton, with white ribbons.

Back view

Then I wanted to try it out with a more modern twist. I chose this pink and cream polka dot fabric, with some cream crepe that has little dots on it. It is lined with cream lining and has pink ribbons. 


The three versions together.