mardi 24 janvier 2012

Progress on my corsets

Since I finished my mock-up for the 1911 sew along a little while ago,  I had some time to work on my 1840 stays before the sew-along would continue. I also paid a little visit to a fabric store in Montreal and finally found the fabric I will use for my 1911 corset. The other one I bought previously will be used for something else.

Busk pocket sewn... I'm starting to realize that I will eventually need a wooden busk

Side back

Part of the lining installed. You can also see I put some twill tape at the waist. 

Close-up on the seam and the tape

And now my fabric for the 1911 corset. It's cream cotton coutil with 1/4 inch navy blue stripes. Navy Blue is quite appropriate for the commemoration of a ship, don't you think? The bias tape and satin ribbon laces will also be navy blue, and I dug out this pretty lace from my stash to decorate it. 

dimanche 22 janvier 2012

New blog

Just a quick little post to announce that I now have a second blog. You may not know, but I am currently taking a class to become a doula, or labor support. A doula is basically someone hired by future parents to support them during pregnancy, who is present and helpful during childbirth, and who is also available after the baby is born to help figure out any issues. So my new blog is as I call it my ''doula blog''. On it I will post texts, questions, observations and testimonies on all subjects related to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity. Oh and my new blog is in french. If you don't understand french, you may be able to get an approximate translation with google translate. 


jeudi 19 janvier 2012

Things I made lately

I made some knits and some things during the last month or so. They are mainly gifts, for Christmas and some other events. I didn't have time to blog about them during the holidays, and the others were just finished lately. Well anyway, here they are...

This little summer hat was made for my cousin's baby girl. They are going to travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Bali with her, and wanted to give them a little present before they left. I decided to meke a summer hat for the baby, to rotect her for the sun. Actually, I knew her head was gonna get bigger in the three months they will be gone, so I gave them three hats in different sizes. 

And a picture on the baby herself! It's still a little too big for her, but she'll grow into it. 

This one is a little wool bonnet for a newborn baby. 

I knitted these socks for my father's christmas gift, and the beret below was my mother's Christmas gift. 


mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Painted Portrait

My sister is a really good painter. In fact, she wants to become a professional artist and just won a scholarship to study painting this summer at the Studio Escalier in France.  From what she tells me, it's supposed to be one of the best painting schools in the world, and this is really good for her resumé and boosts her chances to be acepted in a good university. I think she has a lot of talent. Her latest canevas is a portrait of me in my Wicked dress. Here it is:

I think it's awesome. And it really does look like me!! The painting is pretty big, I suppose about 40 inches wide.  Had to pose and everything, like anyone would have had to do before photography was invented... I was so terrible at posing that my sister ended up taking a picture of me and painting from it. I really don't understand how they managed to have children pose like this before. 

Well, that's about it for today. Oh and if you want to see some more of her work, here is her blog (in french, but you can still look at the pictures): 

dimanche 15 janvier 2012

1911 sew along- improved mock-up

I figured out what was wrong with my mock up, and now it looks much better! Here are a few pictures

I think it looks like it's a bit too small a the bottom... I don't know, maybe I'll add an inch or so down there as well. 

Much better isn't it? I made the waist a little bit bigger and I used steel bones instead of plastic. I'll just re-use those same bones for the finished corset. 

samedi 14 janvier 2012

my 1840's stays are starting to look like something!

While I'm working on the 1911 sew along, I'm also trying not to forget about my crazy 1840's stays. I don,t even know how many hours I have put into those. Just a reminder for those who don,t know what I'm talking about: I'm currently making some late 1830's-early 1840's stays, kinda like the ones in the movie ''Young Victoria''. the crazy thing is that I've decided to make them the period way, all by hand, and with all the embroidery and the cording too. I now respect and admire even more the seamstresses and dressmakers of olden days.

Embroidery and cording on the back pieces

All the pieces together

Assembled!! I admit it I cheated a little bit for this part. I made a seam with my machine to assemble the pieces first, and then I made the ridges by hand. I just wanted to make sure the seam allowances were all even. 

the ridges. 

Next I added some cording to the ridges. I'm not entirely done with that part yet. Sorry the last pictures are sort of pink-ish. The corset is white, the problem was with the lighting and the white balance on my camera. 

Close-up on some of the embroidery

1911 sew along- Mock-up!

Hi there! So I'm done with the pattern, and the mock isn't too bad. I had the not so good idea to use plastic boning on the lacing strips for the mock-up, because steel boning is in limited quantity here and I didn't want to cut out a random lenght and then have to cut it again, and end up waisting a few inches of it. Well anyway, the plastic ones ended up bending in a lot of different ways, making it hard to figure out if the problem was the cut or just the boning.

lacing strips

Pattern, with the seam allowances

Back of the mock-up. As you can see the top is weird and bending, and I think it is both because I still have to take it in a little and because of the cheap plastic boning. it should look much better with the steel boning. I also might have made the waist a little bit too small compared to the rest, so I'll probably add half an inch to the pattern at the waist. 

Front of mock-up. I think it looks fine from the front. It's just the back that's weird looking. I'm sure I will be able to work it out. 

Oh and I also found this nice fabris in this small fabric shop close to my house. It would look good as a corset, or as a period garment. I still don't know what I will use it for. If I don't find anything else I'll use it for my 1911 corset, but I can't help seeing some 18th century stays in it. And the fabric is so pretty maybe I should save it for something that will not be hidden under a dress...

mardi 10 janvier 2012

1911 sew along- pattern mostly done!

Hi there! As you may or may not already know, I am going to participate in the 1911 corset sew-along that was organised by Jo from  Bridges on the Body. I don't have any fabric yet, but I'm almost done with the pattern. The only thing missing now are the seam allowances. I used the free post-edwardian corset pattern that was already on her blog. You can find it here.

I live in a rural area and dont have a quick and easy access to a good photocopy machine, so I had to scale up the pattern by hand. It wasn't to hard, just a little more time consuming. 

These are the corset-making supplies I ordered from Sew Curvy and King and Company Corsetry!! I ordered more supplies than I needed, so I'll have enough for at least another corset. 

My 1840's stays are progressing slowly, I just started working on the last back piece, which means I'm almost done with the cording and embroidery. The next step will be to sew all the panels together. More on that later!!

dimanche 1 janvier 2012

Happy New Year!!

A very happy New Year to you!! May the year to come be filled with new projects and costumes, health, happiness, travel, love, etc !! Hope your party was fun last night, I didn't last past 9pm, I was soooo exhausted from work! Anyway, 

Happy New Year!