vendredi 16 novembre 2012

New pictures of my visit of Estavayer and Gruyères

Hi! Since my last blog entry I have visited some new places, but that's for a future post. I said in my last post that the nice man who took me there had his camera with him and took some pictures of me. Since I am travelling alone most of the time, I don't have a lot of pictures of me in Switzerland. So I'm really happy to have a few now!! You can judge for yourself, but I think they are really good. Thanks a lot Michel!

The gorgeous plaza in Gruyères. Again.

This last one is kind of funny. You see, in french, ''Le bonnet rouge'' means the red hat, or the red bonnet. We thought it was funny since I was waring my knitted red hat.!

I'll be posting my pictures of Bern and Fribourg soon. Hope you enjoy these little sneak peeks of my trip!

mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Montreux, Chillon, Estavayer, Swiss Landscapes and Gruyères (the city, not the cheese!)

Hi! Here are a few more pictures of my latest adventures in Switzerland! Warning: lots of pictures!! Oh and I'm sorry about the ones that are sideways.. I still haven't figured out how to turn them with the computer I'm using... Just turn your head instead!

Lake Leman and th castle I was heading to, Chillon. 

Lord Byron himself wrote his name one one of the pillars down in the asement that once was a prison. That prison, and the story of one of it's prisonners inspired him for his famous poem, The Prisoner of Chillon.

Inside the castle, here a dining room.

Bedroom and it's tiny bed, that would be considered child sized by today's standards... 

Lake Leman and Montreux

view from the tower

Leaving the castle. it was a really nice vivit, except for the fact there aren't any windows left and I wasn't dressed enough, so I was a bit cold throughout the visit. And I will be seeing more of that castle soon, because starting dec. 1 there will be a medieval Christmas market there, with costumed people and all, so I am planning to attend, hopefully in costume!

This was taken in Estavayer. The man on the picture is part of the family who invited e here, and he kindly offered to take me on a day tour and visit some nice places today. I do have a picture of his face, but I haven't asked him if he approved of me putting his picture on the internet. So it's his back for now.  He was really kind to take me around all day, it was a lot of fun, and I also got to taste my very first cheese fondue!

The view around Gruyères

Main place in Gruyères

Inside the Gruyères Castle. This cape is all embroidered with golden thread. Very impressive!

A very perty room. The paintings on the walls were gorgeous. I wouldn'mind having this as my living room!!

Close-up on one of the paintings, or mural, to be accurate.

restoration of the murals in progress

Another beautiful painting in the castle


That's a nice view to wake up to, don't you think?

Other bedroom

Man playing some beautiful old music the pianoforte. We heard it through most of the visit, whch was really nice!

War room. The murals about all the fought wars was really impressive.

Close-ups on the mural

I think it's really funny that this man is wearing some heavy armor on the top of his body, but seems to be wearing some tight trousers on the lower part!

Nice painting of a young boy, yes, a BOY!

Painting representing Alice in Wonderland, part of an exhibition.

Castle from the outside

Hope you enjoyed! i'll be adding some more pictures soon, because the man who took there also brought his camera and took a few snapshots of me. So at least I'll have some nice pictures of me in Switzerland!!

Have a nice day!

lundi 5 novembre 2012

1920's shoes!!!

American Duchess has done it again!! Check out her awesome new 1920's t-strap shoes. I want a pair!!

I'm having trouble putting a photo in my post i don't know why, but you can check out the pictures on  the American Duchess blog

I hope I can gat a pair someday!! American Duchess shies are really awesome. I already own a pair of  Astorias and a pair of Pompadours, and they're both gorgeous and comfortable!!